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Injustice is your partner for your gaming experience ; buy cheap Injustice GOLD And get your delivery in no time .In a parallel reality, the world lives in a totalitarian regime with at its head Superman. The greatest superhero in history, to the great surprise of all, has established a dictatorship to preserve peace. All those who do not respond to the established laws are persecuted without hesitation. Why does Superman do this? The comic book "Injustice: Gods Among Us", released weekly before the release of the game, sheds light on the drama that has forever disrupted Kal-El: The Joker kidnaps Lois while she is pregnant, A child with Superman. He finds it with the help of justice league, in a submarine. But when Superman gets back into the submarine, he is under the influence of the scarecrow's drug, making him believe he was fighting against Doomsday when in fact it was against Lois. Its city, metropolis is also destroyed by a nuclear explosion. In his rage, .The game starts 5 years after the events that hit Metropolis and Superman. The League of Justiciers is dissolved and each hero must choose his camp. Batman seems to be the leader of the rebellion against Superman and must conclude improbable alliances. War is declared between each camp. Batman then tries to contact the heroes of another dimension so that they help him to save his world; feel the game !wait no more !visit and buy cheap INJUSTICE GOLD.