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❤Safe and Fast way ❤COC:5*14K Gems=70K Gems❤ Delivery Time:just MInutes!❤
❤Safe and Fast way ❤COC:5*14K Gems=70K Gems❤ Delivery Time:just MInutes!❤
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1.Pre-Purchase: Please contact us before or after purchase so that you can enjoy the best service from us.


2.Delivery method: For mobile games, please provide your google account/GameCenter and the character name ingame. We will login your account then deliver the products.


2.Delivery Time: Once your order purchased your order will in queue and we will deliver it soon as possible. If we didn’t finish your order in deadline 48 hrs we will refund you immediately.


3.Payment method: We use PayPal usually and we support some other payment method either.


4.Does the product in stock/available which you are interested in? Most of our products are in stock but some are not available all the time so please make a live chat so that we can check the information which you care about.


5.Can any discount be used? We make promotion sometimes so please contact us and we will send you the best discount for you.


6.By the way, because my team is not big now so we need your understanding, I’ll so appreciate if can send use email if we are not online. Email address support@gamebanking.com and we will reply you immediately once we read it.

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